Should You Stay or Should You Go?


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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

About Course

Should you stay or should you go?

This is a powerful question that can be both plaguing and life-changing. 

The answer to this question often defines the trajectory of our lives. 

Having resolute clarity on when to stay or go is one of the most fundamental aspects of actualizing our visions, desires, and our ideal lives.

In this course, you’ll learn my unique 3-step process for answering this important question quickly. Applying my 3-step process allows you to instantly know if you should stay or go from your job or relationship.

Course content

videoWhat kind of challenge is right for you right now? Start
videoModule 1 Worksheet Start
videoKnow who you are Start
videoHow strong are your desires? Start
videoModule 3 journal prompts Start
videoDesire and strength quiz Start
videoWhat is your relationship to change? Start
videoDownload the relationship to change quiz Start
videoThe 3-step DIP process Start
videoWhat's next? Start
Laura Garnett

Laura Garnett

Course Instructor

Laura Garnett is a performance strategist, mother, TEDx speaker, and author of "The Genius Habit" and “Find Your Zone of Genius.” She helps CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and teams fast-track their path to greatness in half the time they expect. She does this by teaching them the habit of being who they are, transforming the way they work and live.
She has consulted for organizations such as Google, Pandora, LinkedIn, and Splunk. Prior to launching her own company, New York City-based Garnett Consulting, she honed her marketing, strategy, and career skills at companies like Capital One, American Express, IAC, and Google.